Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty good weekend, training and otherwise, although the ride today couldve been better. The batteries on my old PowerTap have been popping out which has been frustrating. So after screwing around with the hub for a while I finally rigged the case so that it would do a better job of holding the batteries and I was back with power for my ride today. It started out pretty well but then some clouds moved in and the last couple of hours were just not fun at all. I got in the workout at the prescribed power levels but HR was low and RPE was pretty high. Just not a fun day in the saddle. I did have a really good ride yesterday so that may have been taking a toll but I'm also not discounting the change in weather. Its really strange (and totally mental) how something like that can have such a drastic effect on a workout. In theory the lack of sun a few degrees drop shouldnt have any bearing on the outcome of a workout, but yet, it did. Its just so much nicer to be out riding in the sun rather than this dreary, drab, winter weather.

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