Tuesday, January 31, 2012


S: 20,200 yds
B: 5h
R: 3h 24min

Total: 13h 58min

Fun times, indeed, last week. This was a "recovery" week, which meant no hard Tuesday brick or Thursday track workout, so it was a nice break. But never fear, I still got to the track on Sunday morning for the conclusion of the long run. This being the winter and HHS not having any lights on its track, it has been rather dark out there, so it was nice to get out to the track in the sunshine. Equally nice was finishing the long run fast.

Monday, January 23, 2012


S: 29,300 yds
B: 5h 46min
R: 4h 54min

Total: 18h 55min

BOOM. I had a great week of training, but did learn some things, the most important being that I'm old and slow. Well, I had suspicions about both, but the the slow part was reaffirmed by way of the track on Thursday. After all, as we all know, the track doesn't lie. The workout de jour included some fast 400s with plenty of rest but despite my best efforts I couldn't even run faster for one than I could for four in a row in HS. Looking on the bright side, I dont plan on racing any 400s anytime soon. Or 1600s, for that matter. But hopefully the short and fast stuff will, later in the season, help with the long and not-quite-as-fast stuff. In the meantime, I have to admit that it is kind of fun going out and sprinting around the track and doing every thing you can to hold it together for that last 100 of a fast 400.

Monday, January 16, 2012


S: 28,600 yds
B: 5h 11min
R: 4h 18min

Total: 17h 8min

Whew! I'm definitely starting to feel the grind of training, but I'm also adapting pretty well, as I wasnt nearly as sore after the track workout this week as I was after last week's. These short, fast efforts are fun, but they definitely leave me sore.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


S: 28,900 yds
B: 4h 40min
R: 3h 51min

Total: 15h 50min

Well, the first week of hard training is in the books, although its not so much "hard" as it is "FAST". Really fast. Fast enough that I'm just now getting over some residual soreness from the track workout last THURSDAY. Hopefully though, soreness now will lead to positive adaptations and fast times later.

Monday, January 2, 2012


S: 22,800 yds
B: 4h 24min
R: 3h 38min

Total: 12h 50min

Happy New Year! After spending a week down in Orlando, its back to the grind here in the 'ville, but not before one more day of vacation! I did get in a few solid workouts with Triathlon Squad All-Star Kevin Collington which rounded out my initial prep training for the upcoming season. So with the boring stuff out of the way, this week starts a bit of Economy work, which should set me up nicely for some longer, harder stuff later in the season.


S: 24,700 yds
B: 5h 18min
R: 3h 24min

Total: 15h 15min

Merry Christmas!