Monday, February 18, 2008


S: 25800yds
B: 7h50
R: 4h12

Total: 18h 29min

Pretty good week as I was recovering from the race. I was still a bit sore through about Thursday morning but was fine by the weekend. Overall though it was good to have the race there to break up the training monotony a bit. Now itll be prep time for the Cali 70.3 which I'm actually starting to look foward to.


TriCoachTre' said...

Cali's going to be fun!! For me it's a "B" priority race. We're going to have a ton of Charlottesvillains there - Matt, Dennis, Robin, Chet, me, Theresa, Greg Remaly. You staying for the party afterward?

Andrew said...

Yeah, it should be a good time. I'll actually be there through Tuesday as we have Timez camp in Carlsbad after the race so we'll definitely have to grab a few beers one night!