Sunday, March 25, 2012


S: 24,700yds
B: 6h 13min
R: 4h 12min

Total: 16h 53min

Wow... other than the pollen, the weather here has been awesome. I dont necessarily want to give it all the credit for recent awesome workouts, but it certainly hasnt hurt. Tues and Thurs were both, "Is my watch/PowerTap working?" kind of workouts... and in the good way!

This weekend I'm heading up to Murfreesboro, TN, for a little sprint race. Its been a while since I last raced a triathlon, so I wanted to get a race under my belt before New Orleans on April 22nd. Should be fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


S: 19,400yds
B: 6h 37min
R: 4h 8min

Total: 16h

Another weekend, another race. But who can turn down a free 10 miler? Saturday I ran the Rocket Run Ten Miler in Mooresville, AL, a very small town about 15mi west of Huntsville. The race is free for Huntsville Track Club members, so there really wasnt any reason not do it. (Incidentally, if you live or around Huntsville and arent a member of the HTC, sign up! Its only $12 and you get multiple free race entries, along with other benefits, so it more than pays for itself.) Local fast guy Josh Whitehead and kicked all of our butts, running 52:19 while I was second in a comfortable 56:30.

After a first mile of 5:49, I kept miles 2-7 between 5:40 and 5:40, then started bringing it down, finishing up with a pretty controlled 5:25 last mile. With Josh out of sight after the second mile, I was all alone out there for most of the race, but it was kind of nice to get in a rhythm and go. After helping break the course down and clean up, it was off to Cracker Barrel for some post race deliciousness.

Monday, March 12, 2012


S: 20,400 yds
B: 6h 41min
R: 5h 14min

Total: 16h 56min

Glad to have that one out of the way! That was probably the hardest week of the year thus far, but I'm still feeling pretty good coming out of it.

Friday I had a last minute change of plans and decided to head out to Decatur, AL to run a relay with some Fleet Feet Racing Team friends at the Delano 12h race. David R, Lisa R, and Lynn C had their 4th member back out at the last minute, so I agreed to fill in. The race is a 12h race, 6a to 6p on a one mile packed dirt/fine gravel loop, but I knew I'd only be good for a long run. So after David and Lisa each ran a few loops, I got going around 7:30a and ended running further and faster than planned.

Data courtesy of the Timex Run Trainer

Although it sounds really boring, it was actually kind of fun. The surface was awesome, and it was great to have so many other people out there. Of course it also didnt hurt that the weather was picturesque. I ended up running 18mi w/ a 10mi progression run in the morning, then another 4 a few hours later for 22mi total. It was more than I had a planned, but nothing compared to most of the crazy people out there. For the day, our team finished with 95mi, a not-so-close second to the stacked team of George H, Tim V, Erik D, and Brad S, who had 117(!)

So basically it was a day of running and hanging out with friends. All in all not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Monday, March 5, 2012


S: 18,400 yds
B: 5h 59min
R: 5h 46min

16h 59min

Another week, a few more VO2 workouts in the bag. Oh yeah, and then there was that race yesterday, the UAH 10k. I had 10k of faster running to do during the long run, anyway, so Saturday afternoon I pulled the trigger and signed up. This being spring in Huntsville, and the race being in the afternoon, there was a nice 15-20mph wind out of the N-NE which kept things interesting, if nothing else. So not wanting to give anyone a draft, I took off from the gun and ran pretty even splits, breaking the tape in first place in 33:52. Considering the hilly, windy course and the fatigue in my legs from the hard long ride the day before, I was pretty pleased with the result.

Unrelated to training, this race was awesome. I signed up the day before for three (3) dollars. I think day of race mayve been something unseemly like five or ten. On top of that, the race started at 2p! Now sure, there werent any t-shirts and the course was pretty boring, but there was RFID timing, water on the course, and bananas, muffins, doughnuts, peanuts, and other goodies afterward. But seriously.... $3! How awesome is that?!?!?!