Thursday, July 28, 2011


"I wanted to do something that everyone thought was impossible. Since they banned those suits, everyone thought a world record would never get touched again. I just wanted to show everyone that can happen. That's why we have records -- they're meant to get broken." -Ryan Lochte after breaking the world record in the 200IM, the first world record to be set since polyurethane suits were banned.

I realize this is not only the second swimming post in a row, but also the second Lochte post in a row, but I really cant control these things.  Today's QOTD is just another example of the power of positive thinking.  If you dont believe you can do something great, you probably wont.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go Gators!

And this, boys and girls, is how you swim freestyle:

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"We use science, every bit that we can, on top of old-school training. We are going to train as hard as anybody else, and then we're going to train more by adding things that don't get us injured. And we're going to train smarter than anybody else." -Alberto Salazar

So its been a while since we've had a QOTD, but we like to go for quality over quantity here at the WWA and this is no exception.

This particular article is about Mo Farah, the British runner who's career had stagnated.  Sure, he was the best runner in Europe, having won Championship races in both Indoor and Outdoor Athletics as well as Cross Country, but he couldnt make a splash on the international stage, as he failed to reach the final of the 5k in the 2008 Olympics.  So, realizing he needed a change, Farah moved to Oregon to work with Salazar as part of Nike's Oregon Project.  Since then, his career has taken off with recent wins over top fields at the 10k at the Prefontaine Classic and 5k in Monaco.  In fact, after the 5k in Monaco, respected veteran and 2nd fastest 1500m runner in history, Bernard Lagat, said, "Today, Mo Farah laid out clearly that he is the favorite in the 5000m in Daegu." (Daegu is site of the World Championships this year.) Clearly then, he is now one of the top few 5k/10k runners in the world.

So while this is just a singular example, it exemplifies why Salazar is such a great coach.  No doubt Farah was training hard before.  But Salazar has taken his training to the next level, ensuring that every detail is covered. Many people like to talk about "old school" versus "new school" or high mileage versus high intensity but Salazar demonstrates that to reach your maximum potential, many of these decisions are not an "either/or" question, but rather what works?


S: 43,900 yds

Once again no biking or running.  But, I did get an update on the leg.  Friday I had an MRI and result was the typical good news/bad news.  Good news?  No tear.  Bad news?  The diagnosis is tendinitis caused by (what else) "overuse".  So the prescription is to continue with the electostim and ice and start popping the advil like candy until it heals.  After that, I'll apparently have to start stretching and strengthening and all that good stuff.  Fun times, indeed.

But for more good news, and on a more qualitative note, the pain has subsided quite a bit in the last couple of days, so I should be able to start the strengthening pretty soon. It better, because I've had way too much water stuck in my ears lately.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


S: 38,100yds
B: 0h
R: 42min (in the pool)

Total: 10h 44min

So yeah, not much happening here, as the hamstring is still effed.  Everyone I talk to says something to the effect of, "Hamstrings are tricky..." which I translate to mean, "Dude, you're screwed." So needless to say racing is out of the picture for the foreseeable future, since, well, its kind of difficult to race when you're not even allowed to B or R in training.

On the bright side, at least the pool has been set up for long course.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


S: 31,300 yds
B: 9h 31min
R: 1h 23min

Total: 19h 8min

First, the good news.  The pool has been long course which is always awesome. This is for the kids, who have their big summer meet, Southeasterns, coming up. Correspondingly, they've been having their main practice in the morning, so I had some pretty sweet workouts with them. Matt W, the coach, has recently started having a "Beast" group and a "Cheetah" group. Naturally, I've been in the "Beast" group due to my massive physique.  Or maybe I've just been there because its the distance group, but I prefer the former explanation....  For you swimmers out there, one of the sets last week went something like this:

800 pull + 6x100 @ 1500 race pace
600 pull + 4x100 @ 800 race pace
400 pull + 2x100 @ 400 race pace  
All @ 1:30/100m

The rest of the week was more "working out" than actually training as my hamstring is still not functioning properly.  I would appreciate it if that got better soon so that I can get back to RACING.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hamsting FAIL.

Well, this should be a pre-race blog about taking the Timex Ford Edge to either Muncie for the 70.3 or Chattanooga for the Waterfront Tri.  But its not, because I'm not racing this weekend. Instead I'm getting ready to head home from work and maybe do some very light exercise followed by a little TP rolling.  All this courtesy of what is apparently a bum hamstring.

The problem started sometime before Eagleman 70.3 but naturally I ignored it.  Who doesnt have aches and pains in training?  At Eagleman, however, it flared up and limited my pace on the run.  Being the smart (read: stubborn) guy that I am, I tried to look the other way and hope it would get better in the recovery week after  the race and taper before BSLT 70.3, but needless to say that didnt happen.  After BSLT, I wasnt as sore as I usually am after a 70.3 (thanks to the flat...), but my hamstring was killing me.  Then, when after my first few recovery workouts it was still hurting, I decided something was definitely wrong, and the decision was made not to race this weekend.

The frustrating thing about this is I cant do much of anything in the biking and running departments until it heals, so hopefully that won't take too long. If that is the case, I should be able to be back for a few late season races.  Otherwise, well, lets just say we only focus on the positive, here...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


S: 29,900yds
B: 5h 57min
R: 58min

Total: 14h 47min

First of all, hopefully everyone had a great long weekend. I certainly did, as it was nice to be home after being away for races 3 of the previous 4 weekends.  It was also pretty chill due to a slight change of plans on the racing front.

My hamstring has been giving me troubles since sometime before Eagleman.  Then during Eagleman it got progressively worse during the ride and limited my pace a bit during the run.  Subsequently it hasnt really got much better since.  The situation was similar at BSLT, but slightly mitigated by the fact I had a ~30min break in the middle of the ride. After the race, it was really sore even though otherwise my legs didnt feel too bad.  So rather than trying to limp through Muncie, I'm staying home this weekend to get better. I also took last week nice and easy to let my hamstring get better.  It was also kind of a mid-season rest week which will hopefully set me up for the rest of the year.  After all, if the hamstring doesnt get better, there wont be much racing to do regardless of fitness!  With all that having been said, I did have a few FAST swims with the kids to keep me honest.