Friday, February 15, 2008

Netflix = awesome

Last night was more trainer action during which time I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. On Tuesday, it was Ocean's Twelve and last week I saw Pulp Fiction and The DaVinci Code. All in all, I have to say signing up for Netflix was a great investment. Riding the bike on the trainer still blows enormous goats, but at least it is slightly palatable with a movie to watch. And of course the best thing about Netflix is that they ship them right to your house so you dont even have to waste time going to ghe video store.

In other news, my mom shipped me a huge plate of brownies for Valentines Day... Thanks, Mom! Of course, the required an immediate trip to Publix where I picked up some Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream. I mean, if youre going to have brownies, you might as well heat them up and put some ice cream on top, right? Paulo's response? "DIYOOODE..."

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