Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mercedes Half pics!

So I realize these are a few days late but what can I say, I'm lazy! These first couple of shots of me running around mile 7.5 and are courtesy of Katherine, Philip's GF:

Next are a couple of pictures of us at Chipotle. Because there is no Chipotle in Huntsville I had to hit up the one in Birmingham while I was in town. So for lunch on Sunday Philip, Katherine, and I swung by the lone Chipotle in metro Birmingham as I was on my way out of town.

Here is me and Philip:

And Katherine and Philip, arent they cute?

Finally, smaller, less personal, but more action packed pictures from the race can be found here.


Matt Calarco said...

That is some nice form in that pic.

And tell me that Chipotle burrito wasn't tasting amazing after the long hiatus!

Andrew said...

The burrito was effing awesome. I have a Moes near my house but it is just not nearly as good.