Friday, July 31, 2009


"I wore them for about a month, and my station crew members never complained!" -Koichi Wakata, in reference to the bacteria-killing, water-absorbing Japanese underwear designed to be worn in space for weeks which he tested.

Thats right, not only was this guy stuck on the ISS for 4.5 months but he wasnt even allowed to change his briefs for a month!

Monday, July 27, 2009


S: 32,300 yds
B: 7h 13min
R: 4h 34min

Total: 20h 17min

Pretty nice little week capped off by the race on Sunday. Looking back, I really need to find more shorter races to do as the race was easier and a LOT more fun than the usual Sunday long ride and transition run.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music City Triathlon RR

This weekend I headed up to Nashville for the Music City Triathlon. It was a good opportunity to hang out with Paulo while also getting in a solid effort with friends. Coming into it off a pretty hard week I wasnt sure how it was going to turn out. Regardless, I was still looking forward to the race as after having only raced 70.3s this year, I was ready for the Olympic Distance.

Swim (20:34, 3rd): With the TT start I was the 4th to jump in the river and immediately tried to catch one of the two guys in front of me, as I knew catching teammate "First Out of the Water" Bruce Gennari (who started first) would be all but impossible. Unfortunately they both swam away from me pretty quickly initially but about a third of the way through I finally caught one. No one from behind caught me so I exited the swim in 3rd.

Bike (1:02:19 including T1 + T2, 2nd): I felt a little sluggish at the beginning but after passing the 2nd place guy around mile 4, I finally got into my grove around mile 8 or so. The bike was a two lap out and back course so by this time we had gone through the first turnaround and I noticed Bruce was about a minute ahead of me. I had heard he was about 50 sec up out of the water, so I figured we were riding about the same speed. Coming back into transition, Paulo alerted me Bruce was about 50 sec ahead, so I figured we were riding about the same pace. I felt a lot better on the second lap and really tried to focus and lessen the time gap to Bruce. With about a mile to go, I sped past Bruce but as I went by I heard, "Got a flat." Always a bummer.

Run (34:45, 2nd): Heading out on the run, I felt fine but was still worried (due to the TT start) that maybe I wasnt actually in first place. I ran the first lap of the run alone and and then Paulo gave me time gaps to a couple of people both of which were fairly substancial. At that point I was feeling pretty confident about the win so I cruised the second lap and that was that.

Still a little worried, I was relieved when the RD finally announced the OA awards. All in all, this was a really cool race. The start and finish was at LP Field (where the Titans play) and the run course cut through downtown Nashville which provided a cool urban setting.

Results can be found here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All intensity, all the time

With the new training block, there is certainly no shortage of speed. Tuesday was a Zn4/Zn5 ride while Wednesday night I hit the track for the first time in who knows how long (maybe a year?!) for some fast (Zn4/Zn5) running. Thursday night? You guessed it, bike ride and run, both with some quality Zn4/Zn5 time! I made it through T and W pretty well but after after sprinting around the track with David R, I was feeling it on Thursday.

So yeah... we'll see how this race on Sunday, the Music City Triathlon, pans out. With a long run tonight and 3 workouts tomorrow, it should be interesting. At least the venue will be nice. Team Magic moved the race to downtown Nashville so it will be fun to run and ride through the middle of the city. Unfortunately, because this is a Team Magic race, it will be a time trial start, which is probably the dumbest thing ever. Seriously... what is the point having a race, if you're going to stagger everyone's starting times? That is not a race. They might as well just have everyone do a 1500m swim + 40k bike + 10k run at home and send in their times...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


S: 18,800 yds
B: 8h 5min
R: 4h 21 min

Total: 17h 23min

The week got off to a nice easy start as I had a few days of recovery after RI 70.3. Conveniently, this coincided with a trip to Phoenix for work so it was nice to not have to worry about getting in any serious training while I was out there. I went for an easy run and found a YMCA where I could swim but overall I kept it pretty low key.

Upon my arrival back to Huntsville however it was back to work. It was time for a new training block and Paulo has decided to up the intensity a bit with the result being loads of Zn4 and Zn5 time in the near future. Should be fun!

Up for this weekend: The Music City Triathlon in Nashville.

Monday, July 20, 2009


"I just try to worry about beating people instead of worrying about time. And if I worry about competing against these guys, time will always be good." -Matt Tegenkamp after his 13:07 season opening 5k in Europe.

When asked about competing with the Kenyans Teg says, "You have to be confident in your training... Its a progression. You have to worry about stacking year after year after year together."

Matthew Tegenkamp sets A-standard 13:07.47 in Heusden from Losse Veter on Vimeo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

RI 70.3 RR

Thanks to a ridiculously early 6AM start time, I was up at 3 AM (2 Central!) for the usual pre-race breakfast. It had been raining all night and continued as I ate. While the precipitation had ceased by the time we arrived to the race site, there was still an ominous feel in the chilly air as the landscape was marred by dark clouds and a choppy ocean. Arriving at my bike, I immediately got to work wiping it down in order to affix my gels. After more rushing and prepping for the logistical hassle of having the finish line 50 miles from the start of the race, I was ready to pull on the wetsuit and get head to the start.

At this point, the first of what would be a number of delays came over the loudspeakers; the race would be delayed 15 minutes while the buoys were reset. While I don’t think anyone really minded having a few more minutes before the start, the fact that the race staff was having trouble keeping the buoys in place was indicative of the level of chop in the water.

Eventually they corralled all the pros at the start and were finally ready to get the race underway sometime around 6:30. Before I knew it, we were off! My start was less than stellar. After only a couple of strides in the water I went down hard although I’m still not really sure why. The water level was still low at that point so it was a bit baffling. This left me playing catch up less than a minute into the race. Once everyone was swimming I swam through quite a few people before finally settling with a couple others I couldn’t drop. The water was fairly chopping but the swells were fairly regular so I enjoyed the challenge of trying to maintain a decent stroke.

After getting through T1, it was out onto the bike. Still overcast, the ride was chilly. Right off the bat Lovato came flying by me but I had no chance of staying with him. After that though, I passed Lisska, rode alone for a while then passed another dude and a cramping Cotter around mile 20. I continued on alone until around mile 45 when I was passed by Evoe, Frank, and another guy. I tried to match their pace but just couldn’t respond. Although I was upset about not being able to stay with them, I was hopeful I could ride hard to the finish and catch them on the run.

Coming off the bike I set out to catch the three ahead of me knowing I had plenty of time to run them down. I caught the first guy a little after mile 5 and was still feeling good. Coming through the halfway mark, I was ready to open it up the second half of the run and catch the other two. I kept the pace on and finally reeled in Evoe right after the turn and then Frank around mile 9. Unfortunately, that’s when then wheels came off. I blew up like a champ allowing Frank and Evoe to both re-pass me as I shuffled home the last few miles to a 7th place finish.

The details:
Swim: 23:47
Bike: 2:18:34
Run: 1:19:59
Total: 4:04:10

Next up: Music City Triathlon in Nashville on 7/24 then Steelhead 70.3 on 8/1

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taper Time and Summer Fun

With RI 70.3 this weekend, it has been taper time this week. I was all excited to "only" have a 2.5h ride + 30min run last Saturday but then for some really felt pretty worn down at the beginning of this week. However, after a few nights of getting to bed early I'm looking forward to the race this weekend.

With the shorter workouts last weekend I had plenty of time to enjoy the holiday. Saturday, being the 4th of July, provided a great excuse to hang out at the pool and enjoy the spectacular weather. In particular, I went up to a cookout up at the Monte Sano Pool to feast on some pulled pork (for the second week in a row), coleslaw, black eyed peas, and beer. Here are some pictures.... if this isnt Americana at its best, I dont know what is...

I swear it was a coincidence that I took this picture while there was a guy riding by on some kind of personal cart. Alabama is AWESOME.

Its Miller Time!

Summer fun at the pool. Wish I was a kid again!

Sarah and me with the band in the background.

Monday, July 6, 2009


S: 26,400 yds
B: 6h 52min
R: 4h 25min

Total: 18h 14min

Overall a suspiciously lighter week on the training front which made me wonder if there was something wrong with Paulo as this is a bit out of the ordinary. After a bit of pondering though, it didnt take me long to figure it out: Paulo is getting soft.

Let me explain... last weekend I had a housewarming party here at the HHPTC which Paulo drove down to attend. At the gathering there was a plethora food, the highlight of which was Greg's pulled pork, pictured below.

Indeed, even Paulo, the self-proclaimed bacon hater, couldnt get enough. Pictured below is sandwich #3, but who's keeping count?