Monday, February 4, 2008


S: 30,000yds
B: 7h 35min
R: 7h 21min

Total: 22h 26min

Another pretty good week aside from the glaring lack of biking which is starting to become a trend. Of course its winter, which means short, cold days which tend to lead to a serious lack of cycling. Lets face it, one can only spend so much time on the trainer before going insane. At least the swimming and running are coming along well.


TriCoachTre' said...

Winter sux!

Andrew said...

Yep. You've gotta love when you have almost as much time running as biking...

Jacqui said...

Hey Andrew
Glad to see your winter is going pretty much the same as mine. My biking rule is 30 degrees and sunny. Sunday they tricked us into believing it was going to be warm. I was riding with ice all over the road and dragon breath.It was a balmy 26 degrees. It did eventually warm up on my fourth hour...not fun. Good luck with your race!

Andrew said...

Thanks Jacqui!

Yeah, mid 30s is about my cut-off. 4h @ 26F is not fun at all. Although that is the kind of workout that allows you to wear your "HTFU" hat with pride!