Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dyslexia and riding like a 12yr old girl

This is what I found out this morning after looking over my power profile from last night's workout and my schedule for the week. Not only was the workout I did pathetic (like my-grandmother-could-do-it-with-one-leg pathetic), but as it turns out I did 8x5min when in fact the schedule said 5x8min. WOW. Weak AND dumb. Quite the feat. Oh well...

Tonight is everyone's favorite 1.5h run with 50min @ tempo and oh-by-the-way its 32F with 15mph winds. David has agreed to join me so hopefully he wont push the pace too much. After all, when you are a 1:09 guy like David, 5:50 pace is just plain pedestrian.

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