Friday, July 11, 2008

New toy

I got a new toy in the mail last Saturday but yesterday evening was the first time I got to use it. What is it, you ask??? Toy implies something fun, maybe a new TV, video game console, or some other electronic gadget? Not quite. My new "toy" is actually just a bicycle wheel, and not even one for racing, just training. It is however pretty fancy. I got a new Bontrager Race X Lite wheel with a PowerTap SL. Functionally the PowerTap is exactly the same as the one on my current training wheel, a Mavic 32 spoke Open Pro. The wheel, on the other hand, is much stiffer and lighter so for its maiden voyage I took it out with the roadies yesterday evening and wow... it was a lot of fun. The wheel is just so much more responsive that it really makes it delightful to go out and play around with the cyclists.

Now admittedly I must mention that it is sad that I get this excited about a new training wheel but such is life.

(Isnt it sweeeeet??)

In other news... after a nice relaxing week last week, I'm sliding back into the more normal perpetual state of soreness, just in time for the race this weekend. Awesome. Good thing I didnt really want to win any money anyway...

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