Monday, July 21, 2008


S: 19,700 yds
B: 13h 22min (TSS = 704)
R: 5h 40min

Total: 23h 58min

Overall a pretty solid week capped by a great weekend. My friend Philip and his girlfriend Katherine were in town for the weekend as Philip was racing his bike in a road race on Saturday and criterium downtown on Sunday. While he was racing, I had a nice standard 10h training weekend so things worked out well.

While we got in plenty of exercise we also had some time to hang out and catch up on things. On Saturday afternoon/evening we picked up some Sam Adams Summer Ale to enjoy while watching the tour before having a kick ass dinner at Mezza Luna. Not only was the food awesome, but one of the guys on Philip's team who ate with us is really good friends with the owner so we scored a couple of free appetizers.

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alyssa said...

hahahaha it's funny because I was debating entering and then I looked over the participant list and saw his name, and well, chalked it up to fate. I hope he reads this, haha.

PS - we sent a few texts about triathloning this month. That plus facebooking == love.