Monday, July 14, 2008


S: 21,900 yds
B: 11h 30min
R: 4h 5min

Total: 21h 7min

After having the week before last off, last week it was back to the grind. I also changed my bike position up which is an especially aggravating and time consuming operation when you are the person fitting you is in New Mexico and you are trying to take pictures of yourself on the bike after every incremental change. This led to a few late nights and this lack of sleep and increased training load caught up to me around Friday which was unfortunate timing with the race on Sunday.

Speaking of the race, looking back at the results it appears I had a nice 2h Zn3 workout which led to a fairly embarrassing results. But the focus now it Almere at the end of August and learning how to ride my bike with this new position. Because I'll have to ride 120k, this means a lot time in the saddle which my butt really isnt looking foward to.

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