Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Free Week no more

Last week was fun but this week its back to business. Last night was the always dreaded 2x20 and just to make it even more fun it was about 95 degrees outside. I really cant complain about the heat though as I'd much prefer hot to cold, especially when it comes to biking hard.

The main significance of the workout though was the new position. Over the weekend I morphed from a "Euro-pro" (coined my Mark Andrews, aerodynamic wiz from Trek) to a more traditional tri-geek setup. Needless to say, there will be some adaption time but Paulo and I were pleased that the power numbers from last night were at least close to my previous 2x20 effort on the old position. I'll post new and old position pics later in the week as I havent finalized the new position.

Why the change? Well, hopefully this new position will open up my hip angle and alleviate some of the pressure on my butt while sacrificing neither aerodynamics or power. With that having been said, a bit of power loss in the short term is expected and will be tolerated due to the fact that as we all know, power @ LT is muscle specific and I'm certainly using different muscles in the radically different position. Hopefully though I'll be able to make some nice adaptaions by the end of August when I take off for the Netherlands.

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