Thursday, July 3, 2008

3 Day Weekend

Tomorrow is of course the 4th of July which means no work and therefore a 3 day weekend. This will be especially fun as it falls during my aforementioned "free week" which means I'll be celebrating America's birth (and TJ's and John Adam's deaths, incidentally) by hanging out by the pool, grilling, and downing what will likely end up being more than a few cold ones. Even better, Lindsey will be escaping DC for the weekend so it should be a good time all around.

Additionally, while there won't be any triathlon on TV this weekend, there will be high quality swimming, cycling, and running. The US Olympic Trials for track & field and swimming continue through Sunday while the Tour de France gets underway on Saturday. NBC's coverage of the swimming has been pretty good although its track coverage has left something to be desired. But hey, at least I'll be able to watch. Both sports have had some incredible races and there are certainly more to come on this final weekend. Then of course comes the three weeks of Le Tour, during which time anything can happen. This is especially true if the peleton is in fact clean this year. The lack of drugs makes recovery much more difficult and therefore increases parity as riders wont be able to demolish themselves on long mountain stages and be fine for the next day. Either way, Phil and Paul will most certainly make it entertaining.

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