Saturday, June 28, 2008


After a slight delay I finally arrived in Baltimore yesterday where Lindsey was waiting to pick me up. Thats right, even though shes not racing Lindsey was kind enough to pick me up from the airport in her fancy BMW, give me a ride to Morgantown, and even put up will all my bitching about how much I hate biking. Isnt she great?

We had a fairly uneventful drive through the mountains and upon arriving at the hotel we were ready for some dinner! I had scoped things out last week on and we decided to try out Black Bear Burritos in downtown Morgantown. The atmosphere was great, they had an awesome selection of beer, both on tap and in bottles, and the food was unique and tasty. However their desert menu was a bit limited but luckily we spotted a local gelato joint which totally hit the spot. All in all, not a bad evening.

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Matt Calarco said...

Nice work at the race, Andrew! Very tasty run split.