Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A rude awakening and running some CC

Yesterday I had a meeting with the primer folks to discuss the weighting criteria for the properties which will be used to determine which primer will be used to protect the outside of the Upper Stage for Ares I. Exciting, I know. Anyway, about 30 minutes into the meeting we were discussing the relevance of one of the tests and just as I was about to say something the guy across the table from me started snoring. Caught off guard a bit I paused momentarily before continuing with my thought while everyone else was being attentive. Mr. sleeper actually got in a couple long snores before awaking to (slight) embarassment. No one said anything but needless to say it was pretty funny. The meeting was right after lunch but still, dozing off in a meeting is never a good thing. In your office/cubical is one thing but in a meeting with five other people is an entirely different story...

In other news I'm heading over to the cross country park this evening where Steve Carter puts on 1-, 2-, and 3-mile fun runs/races every Tuesday night during the summer. The mile goes off at 6:30 followed by the 3, then finished off with the 2. Each "race" is timed but there is no registration so people just show up and run. Some race, others jog but all in all its a lot of fun as there are usually a wide range of paces providing some great company. The best part is that the park is only about a mile and half from my house so I can just run on over there.

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