Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome to Kansas!

I made it into Kansas today after a 3h layover in Atlanta. Upon arriving in Kansas City I drove to Lawrence and met Dale who is kind enough to be hosting me this weekend. We proceeded to the grocery store (always a good place to start) and then over to his place. As it turns out, I got really lucky with my homestay as Dale lives only minutes from the course! Additionally Dale was kind enough to drive me around the bike course so it was nice to get a preview.

The course is wide open with constant rolling hills which make up for the fact that it is otherwise very boring. The weather here on the other hand is awesome and I'm really starting to look foward to the race.

So after previewing the course I went for short jog then met up with Will Ronco for some... thats right... CHIPOTLE! It totally hit the spot. But of course, I still needed some ice cream so we headed over to the HiVee store. Yes, neither Will nor I realized it was a grocery store but we made sure to let all the employees know we were shopping there because they sponsor the World Cup race in Des Moines.

And then, while wandering through the aisles, guess who we ran into? Thats right, Jarrod Shoemaker! And yes, we have pics to prove it!!

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khai said...

That's pretty awesome that you not only met Shoemaker, but that he gave you dinner recommendations too! You guys are going to be FAST tomorrow!