Wednesday, June 4, 2008


With the piriformis still acting up I decided yesterday that it would probably be a good idea to actually try to do something about it. I found and contacted an ART practioner in town, Dr. Ken Strickland, and luckily he was able to get me in this morning for which I was really appreciative. Right away we pretty much agreed that it was an overuse issue which has been causing some tightness in my butt/upper leg/lower back. This build up of scare tissue has then been causing my whole leg to hurt. He worked on me for a while and we targeted some definite tight areas so hopefully this will help. The first test is tonight when I've got everyone's favorite running workout: 3 x 2 mile. Then I get to go back in on Friday for another session and hopefully I'll be able to rid myself of this (literal) pain in the ass!


khai said...

Good to see that you're getting this looked at. It might take more than 2 sessions, but ART has a pretty good track record for helping to work through these types of injuries.

Make Lindsey work HARD this weekend!

Lauren said...

ART is my fourth discipline: SWIM/BIKE/RUN/ART.
I would have to abandon triathlon and train for olympic caliber aquarunning, if it weren't for my ART sessions.

Hope you have a fun weekend with your "visitor."


Andrew said...

Dont worry guys, I'll be treating my guest to some LCM fun with the fast HS kids as I think there at least one or two that can actually make her work a bit...