Monday, June 9, 2008


S: 24, 200 yds
B: 10h 40min (TSS = 651)
R: 5h 18min

Total: 22h 1min

Great week on the bike as I got in some good quality on both Tuesday and Thursday. I also had a very solid week in the pool swimming with the kids. Its too bad I dont have a TSS for that as well as I'm sure it would be higher than previous weeks as well. As for running... the quality was not superb but I did get in some nice heat acclimation which is a necessary evil. This Sunday is Kansas 70.3 which (thankfully) means I get a bit of a taper. I'll certainly not be totally fresh for this one but hopefully I can still pull out a decent performance.


shawn and tracy said...

Good luck in Kansas! :-)

K80 said...

that one minute is crucial.