Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taper time

With another race this weekend it would appear its taper time again. I think I'm starting to like this racing every other weekend deal as it means I get to be on a part time training schedule and therefore I get a bit of a break from the usual perpetual state of soreness. However, the whole not-being-able-to-walk-normally for a few days after the race is a slight downside to racing a HIM every weekend. That and the absolute shredding of my feet courtesy of my racing flats. Ahh... the joys of racing.

The other downside of going to a race is the always dreaded packing of the bike which will have to take place tonight. Its the little things like this that make triathlons such a pain in the ass. Wouldnt it be a lot simpler if the race provided bikes? That way not only do you not have to pack your bike for a race but you also dont have to worry about whether or not you have the nicest equipment because everyone would have the same thing. Of course as it stands this model certainly wouldnt help me at all (because I defintely get an advantage from my bike + wheel combo) but it really would be a neat idea.


Nemo said...

Good Luck Andrew this weekend. Was hoping to be heathy enough to toe the line against you in Chattanooga but looks like my racing season is on hold for the time being. Have a stress fracture in my back. Been having too much fun. Congrads on Kansas and LCW qualification! Kick some ass this weekend!


Andrew said...

Sorry to hear about the SF. Between you, Lindsey, and Tiger, it seems all the ballers are getting them... Anyway, just look at it as the perfect opportunity to get faster in the pool ;)

anywhere_Smile said...

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