Friday, June 20, 2008

ITU LD Worlds!

Well its official. Yesterday I booked my ticket to Amsterdam for the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. The race will consist of a 4km swim, 120km bike, and 30km run which makes it a bit longer than the 70.3 distance but not quite as bad as a full IM. Luckily though the swim is actually longer than an IM swim, so I'm looking foward to that. Any thing to give me little more time to hold off the bikers...

The race will actually take place in Almere and I'm really excited to be going. I've never been to Europe so when I found out USAT would be providing travel money I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to head over to the other side of the pond. The only downside is that vacation days are tight so it will have to be a short trip. I'd really like to hang around afterwards for a while and sample (among other things) some local brews but these are the kind of liberties not extended to a first year engineer.

The other, more depressing problem is that I'll not only have to race 120k on my bike, I'll also have to train for a race with an 120k bike. Ouch. My butt is trembling at the prospects.

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