Sunday, June 8, 2008

A hot run and a cool wedding

Friday was David's wedding but before the party started, I had to knock out a run. I really appreciated David and Stephanie inviting me to the wedding, but the 5:30 start time kind of killed me as it meant I had to run around 2:30PM. Oh well, just a good reason take some of my own advice and get in a little heat acclimation.

I had to run 1h10 with a 30min tempo and wow... it was a sufferfest. But hey... I never mentioned heat acclimation was fun. And it was relatively easy to work up the motivation to GTWD as I had the wedding to look foward to.

After the run I tried to cooldown as much as possible while getting all fancied up and heading off to the wedding. Lindsey J was kind enough to accompany me and we showed up to the church just in time. The ceremony was beautiful but lets face it... its really all about the reception! And the reception was awesome.

We arrived at The Ledges, a country club overlooking Jones Valley here in Huntsville, around 7. We immediately hit up the bar and hors doers which were located outside on a patio overlooking the golf course and then city. Pretty awesome view...

Dinner was great but sadly we were so hungry that ate it right away and therefore dont have any pictures. So after dinner, it was time to hit the dance floor! Here is a shot of David enjoying the music and Steph laughing at him...

So we ate, drank, and danced, and finally it was time for the new married couple to depart, sortly after midnight:

All in all a good time. Thanks again to David and Stephanie inviting us!

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