Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So can someone tell me why it is that old ladies go to the pool at 5AM? I'm in Ogden, UT for RSRM camp and found a pool about 15 minutes from my pool which appears to be the only option close by. Unfortunately, its about 88 degrees and for some reason is packed with old ladies at 5 in the morning! Why do these ladies feel the need to use the pool at 5AM?? They clearly dont have anything else to all day, so why not do your water aerobics at a more reasonable time?? Oh well, enough bitching about old laides...

Other than that Ogden is a pretty nice place. Last night I ate a place, Peleton, which was a pretty cool deli next to the LBS. Ogden is also a college town. 10 points to anyone who can name te school located in Ogden. Hint: think NCAA basketball.

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