Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nothing like racing to the airport only to find your plane delayed. So now I'm hanging out at Huntsville International awaiting my flight to Salt Lake City through, guess where, Atlanta! I cant really say I'm looking foward to the Atlanta to Salt Lake leg as I'm pretty sore from long ride + run this morning.

This week I'll be out in Ogden, UT, just north of Salt Lake City, for (dork alert!) RSRM (Reuseable Solid Rocket Motor) class. We get lectured for the three and a half days and then Thursday afternoon we get to watch them light one of the rockets up. At least that part will be fun... Obviously I wont be able to bike while I'm there but hopefully I'll still have some time to swim and run.

Well, time to board!

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khai said...

You need to "acquire" one of those and strap it to your bike...