Sunday, April 20, 2008

Collegiate Nationals Race Report, Pt. 1

I usually think multiple day race reports are pretty silly but in this case it is necessary. Why? Because I need an excuse to post pictures of the deliciousness that is Chipotle.

So after driving down to Tuscaloosa after a long day at the office, I went for a short run with my team. After that it was a quick shower before some goodness. I had been looking foward to this dinner for weeks once I found out Tuscaloosa had a Chipotle. Here we are in line building our feasts:

The salsas are very tasty and the guac is LOADED with avacados:

Chris and BRO enjoying their burritos:

Apparently the burrito rolling employee is new as she couldnt quite get everything in the tortilla and I had to get a bowl to save it. In case you are wondering I went with a burrito with Barbaco, pinto beans, tomato, corn, and green salsas, cheese, guac, and a few shakes of the Chipotle Tabasco sauce with some chips on the side.

Unfortunately that is all I have time for tonight but hopefully I'll get Friday and Saturday finished up tomorrow. I got some great pics of the pasta dinner, Olympic Trials, and post race parties so hopefully I can get those up tomorrow.

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K80 said...

mmmm... looks delish! chipotle jealousy. ew, im drooling all over taiwan...