Monday, April 7, 2008


S: 22800yds
B: 218 miles
R: 34 miles

Total: 16h 25min

Not bad for the week after a 70.3. The week started off with some nice easy workouts in the beautiful weather of southern California but by the end it was back to the grind. So after recovering from the race by the middle of the week, I was back to being nice and sore when waking up on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings...


BLM said...

could you show how u split up ur workouts one week? Like what u do on each day? that would be cool. Nice race in cal.

Andrew said...

I sometimes post individual workouts (so check back occasionally) and would be willing to post more detailed weeks but unfortunately Paulo is a little protective of his schedules and I dont want to get fired ;)

I can however say I dont do "epic" workouts (longest ride is 3h, longest run is 1.5h) but rather just a lot of shorter ones with a fair amount of intensity (Zn3 and Zn4 stuff). Sorry I couldnt be more specific but hopefully this helps a bit.

BLM said...

thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.