Saturday, April 26, 2008

I got a postcard today from my sister, Katie, who is currently in Taiwan reaching English on a Fullbright Scholarship. On the postcard was a picture of an old house with a Giant sign out front and sure enough the postcard was actually made by Giant. Of course she thought of me because the postcard had a bike on it but the funny part was what she wrote, "Someone said a lot of Giant stuff is made here... Think the name is compensation?" What a comedian she is.

My immediate thought however was, "Well, yes, a LOT of Giant bikes are made there, in addition to MOST other high and entry level bikes." Not mine though. While Trek does make some bikes overseas, they are one of the few companies that still makes bikes here in the USA. Cool stuff.

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K80 said...

That Katie sounds like a total catch. Can I get her number?