Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pool is closed? Better have muffins and ice cream instead.

I awoke at 6 this morning (without an alarm, I might add. Pathetic, I know) to find a nice layer of snow blanketing the ground with more gently falling. Thats right, I said snow. Its March 8th in ALABAMA and there is snow on the ground. I thought this was the so-called "deep south." Apparently not. Anyway, I had my usual coffee and PB&J and headed to the pool for a swim. To my dismay, there was no one to be found when I arrived. The head coach, who usually opens the pool in the morning is at a meet so apparently the assisstant coach didnt feel safe driving. This upset me as not only was biking going suck (or not happen at all) due to the weather but the swimming prospects were looking questionable.

I headed home, considered my options and ended up jumping on the trainer. The reasoning? I had already planned to run with the guys at 5:15 and I figured the pool might open up later in the afternoon as the public lap swim time is 1-5 so as long as the roads clear up a bit by then the pool should be open. Additionally the hight today is only 35F meaning even if the roads do clear up some, I'm still not going to want to ride outside is the high is only 35.

After slugging through a trainer session I went ahead and made some muffins from Aunt Jemima Whole Weat Pancake mix. When they came out of the oven, I couldnt help but break a couple up in a bowl and scoop out some ice cream. Thats perfectly acceptable for 9:30AM, right??

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