Saturday, March 15, 2008

Christmas in March

Exiting times here in Huntsville. Yesterday my new bike came(!) so today I'm heading up to the bike shop to get the finishing touches put on it and get it dialed in. This shouldnt take too long as the frame is the same as my current bike but with a new, bad ass paint job. I'll post some pics once I get it all built up.

I also got a new computer a couple days ago and just got to put it together last night. For all you nerds out there, it is a Dell Inspiron with an Intel Pentium Dual 1.8 GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, 500GB HD, and a 19" widescreen flatscreen monitor. It also has Window Vista which I'm really liking so far. Overall its a lot of fun, especially considering my old computer was a laptop which I purchased in the summer of 2004. As computers go, that is ancient!

Finally, I got my bound thesis in the mail on Thursday as well. Its really cool to see those 2.5yrs of hard work all bound and official looking. I'm sure the chics will love it....

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