Monday, March 17, 2008


S: 28,100 yds
B: 7h 38min
R: 7h 39min

Total: 22h 19min

Always good to have more time running than biking and it looked like it happened again this week. Incidentally, as it turns out, it looks like I had about 7h swimming as well so looks like a pretty even amount of time in each of the three sports.

I was glad to get through last week as it was (hopefully) the last big week before Cali 70.3 which is now less than two weeks out. Even though the race is early in the year I did get in some quality workouts last week so I'm feeling good about my fitness level. Now I just need to hope that it is unseasonably warm in Oceanside on March 29th and I'll be all set.

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