Monday, March 2, 2009


S: 24,300 yds
B: 3h
R: 1h 25min
AR: 40min

Total: 11h 29min

It was a light week although not exactly by choice. Thursday morning I woke up feeling a bit more sore than usual but didnt think too much of it as I made my way to the pool. However, about halfway through a set of five 400s, I knew something was a bit off. My whole body was really sore and even though I was going hard, my times were a bit off from the week before. Once I got into work, I didnt exactly feel any better. The day got progressively worse until I was running a pretty serious fever that evening. Needless to say, I wasnt getting on the trainer. Or doing anything else, for that matter, other than laying on the couch. Friday was more of the same as I stayed home from work and took the day off job #2 as well. Saturday I started feeling a bit better and then Sunday I was finally able to get in a couple of light workouts without feeling totally dead.

Needless to say, the flu can kind of kill training time. Looking on the bright side though, this was a good weekend to be layed out. It rained all day Friday and Saturday and then Sunday morning it actually snowed. The rest of Sunday was v. cold and windy, so its just as well that I had an excuse to stay inside and make muffins. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get back into normal training and maybe by that time the weather will actually warm up some... it is March after all!!

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