Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, apparently this "mono-like virus" isnt a good thing... I say this because Paulo gave me three, thats right, 3, free days. So I guess this virus = 1.5 IM? I mean, I get one free day after a 70.3 so three free days in a row means three 70.3s in a row, right???

In all seriousness, I probably need the rest more than I realize. That is, of course, why it is incredibly beneficial to have an actual coach as opposed to someone who just gives you workouts. My head is in the sand while Paulo is looking at the big picture. Anyway, I have no idea how all of this will affect my fitness this summer and if I really think about it enough I could probably drive myself to the madhouse pretty easily. Luckily though I have a real job to focus on with slightly more important things to think about... like how we're going to get the Upper Stage of this rocket built!!

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Unknown said...

Take the rest...its a LONG season. Hope you feel better soon! You DO have the coolest job....I always show my kids any cool photos you post! Take Care