Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pretty nice little Saturday....

The day started off (as most do) at the pool. However, the kids were slacking so I just did a Paulo special and just knocked out 60x50. It went pretty well but then the fun really started as I headed home for the usual Saturday morning feast... pancakes on the griddle!

With my belly full of goodness, it was off to Hhgregg for some appliance shopping. (As it turns out... the refrigerator doesn't come with the house.) I had been shopping them for a while and decided Hhgregg had the best prices so I was pretty much ready to buy when I got there. After working the salesman a bit (cash goes a long way when you are purchasing big ticket items) I ended up getting a great deal on this Jenn-Air. Even with the discount it was still a little more than I wanted to spend but I'm pretty exicted about it... this fridge is pretty BA. Plus, whats more important than the place where you store your food???

With my pockets a little lighter, I headed home to rest up for the matinee... 2h30 w/ 2x30 Zn3 on the bike + 30min transition run. After a nice extended warm-up I hit the Zn3 pretty hard before heading out on the run. The only problem though is that I forgot that I havent really been running any. I was brutally reminded of this when after heading out at 5:40 pace I started feeling a bit uncomfortable at 10min. By 15 I was not having any fun at all. Luckily the tempo was only 20min because I was about ready to explode. I stopped, panted like a dog, and shuffled home.

Contently exhausted, I whipped up a strawberry milkshake for a nice little pre-dinner appetizer.

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