Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just another Tuesday but enough with the scare tactics...

Just another Tuesday night in the bag. Just me, the trainer, and the lovely Erin Andrews. I'm glad to say that after suffering with my eyes closed throughout the Zn4 set I completed the last hard effort just before halftime. This meant that I was finshed with the hard stuff just in time to look up and see the post 1st half interview with the beautiful Ms. Andrews.

Of course later in the evening was the address by the Prez. He said some things I agreed with and some things I didnt. Overall though, I'm getting a little tired of people saying banks need government money so that they can "start lending again." Obama stressed that he knew that people were upset with banks getting government money but that it was necessary so that people could get loans to "buy houses, buy cars, and pay for their children to go to college." I realize that the availability of credit is imperative to keep businesses running, spur new investment, etc. However, are things really that bad? Isnt it bad loans that started this problem in the first place?

I'm currently looking into buying a home and from what I can tell, banks are more than willing to lend. After calling around to a few places, I've had Countrywide (technically now BoA) call me back to "check up" on me three times in the last week. I finally gave them permission to run a credit check so that I could get preapproved for a home loan. I've only been working for a little more than a year and I dont exactly have a huge amount of capital. Regardless of this, they came back that same day saying that they would have no problem offering me a 30 year fixed loan at 4.75% up to my requested amount. Thats right, 30 year fixed at 4.75%... and the banks arent lending???

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