Thursday, March 5, 2009

back at it...

After a few days out of commission with the flu, things are getting back to normal. Tuesday started with every flip-turn hating triathlete's favorite main set: 60 x 50. Then that evening it was back to the trainer and the oh-so-lovely 4x10min Zn4 action. Sadly though Erin had the Wednesday night game meaning the Tuesday night Big 10 game on ESPN was even worse than usual. Not that it mattered much since I was staring at the PT/ground anyway.

Along those lines though, I'd have to say Jacqui is certifiably insane... it does matter where you are. Simply put, unless you are a masochist, getting out the door on a beautiful day and banging out some intervals is unquestionably easier than punishing yourself on the trainer. In the end though, she is right about one thing.... getting the work done is getting the work done. Now... back to work!

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