Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One thing GW did right? How about changing the dates of DST so that it starts ~3 weeks earlier? So yeah, yesterday I got to break free from trainer hell, get outside for the ride, and enjoy some "near record" highs. The weather really was awesome and it was great to feel the wind on my face as I was riding fast... something the fan just cant quite replicate.

There is one downside, however, to the onset of DST. I still havent quite adjusted to having to wake up an hour ealier. In theory it really shouldnt make a difference since either way I'm still having to wake up in the dark. However, for whatever reason its been really hard to get out of bed the last few days and has taken me a little longer than usual to wake up in the pool. Anyway, as unfortunate as rough as it has been I'll still trade a sluggish morning for the ability to workout in the light afterwork.

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alyssa said...

come race Cville Int'l with me this year! And/or come race Providence!