Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend fun

With last week being a free week I knew I'd have a little extra time over the weekend so my mom and sister, Katie, came up to visit. While it was great to see them, I had an ulterior motive: to recruit Katie to Huntsville as she is having trouble finding a teaching gig in Florida. (As it turns out, the state and local governments in FL are all massively overbudget and therefore not hiring teachers.) However, I think she is a bit reluctant to move here as she is quite a bit cooler than me...

Anyway, the weekend started out with me getting some belated birthday presents. Here is my sister's present for me:

Not too bad, eh?

Friday night we had a good-but-not-great dinner at Ketchup, a "hip" new restaurant in town and then Saturday morning we headed up to Scottsboro to do some shopping. On the way home, we discovered a quaint little lunch place, The Blue Willow Restaurant. On top of a great atmosphere, the food was delicious, especially the biscuits/rolls and bourbon butter which was rushed to our table immediately upon arrival.

That evening we watched the Gators toy with Hurricanes for three quarters before dominating the 4th. Then on Sunday morning we headed up to Monte Sano before having lunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe, a breakfast/lunch place which boasts a wide selection of omelets, poached egg items, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. To top it all off the weather was picturesque all weekend which certainly contributed to a everyone having a great time.


K80 said...

1. i am not cooler than you.
2. apparently FL teaching certification isn't cool in AL
3. for a small fee, i will move to AL and cook and clean for you... and hang out with you

MarkyV said...

how is it possible for anything to be "hip" in alabama?

i've been there... there's a lot of kudzu. I'm not sure what else.


Andrew said...

Thus the quotes...

Anyway, just because you live in Boulder doesnt mean you can just degrade Alabama! ;)