Friday, September 26, 2008


Sunday is the South Carolina Half and while I'm looking foward to racing, I'm not exactly looking forward to the seven hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too bad but you just never know when you're going through Atlanta, the epitome of vast, messy, suburban sprawl. Making matters worse is the supposed gas crises which may just preven me from getting there altogether. Of course the other downside about being stuck in the car all day is that I wont get to watch any CFB! Maybe I can pick the Gators up on the radio but that is doubtful... or I could just kill two birds with one stone by stopping in Atlanta to watch the game with my college roomate, Jimmy, and eschewing the race altogether. Save gas money and watch the Gators... I like it!

On the bright side at least I dont have to pack my bike! I'll gladly take a long drive over a short flight when it comes to traveling to a race simply due to the fact that packing the bike is such a hassle. And that was my feeling before the recent absurd increase in the cost of traveling with a a bike. Although considering none of the airlines have any money I cant really blame them. I just they put weight limits on you + your baggage. That way me + my bike + my carryon would still be less than the 200 lb guy sitting next to me.

Well, time to pack. At least I should arrive to my hotel in time to watch the Georgia-Alabama showdown tomorrow night.

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Cal said...

Nice Job today in S. Carolina. Sub-4. Sure to take the sting off of yesterday's loss to Ole Miss. Ouch!!