Monday, September 15, 2008


S: 21,700
B: 9h 55min
R: 5h 40min

Total: 21h 1min

Back to the grind. It was a pretty good week back as it was nice to have some fresh legs for (most) workouts. I didnt have anything too long but got in some good quality on the swim and bike. Friday and Saturday were especially good days in the pool as Friday I swam with the kids and Saturday I lured my buddy Greg, a former collegiate swimmer, to the pool in the morning.

This week will likely be more of the same although on Saturday I'm riding the SCCC All You Can Eat Century so that should be a nice change to the routine. The only downside is that it, well, 102 miles on the bicycle so hopefully I'll be able to make it the whole way...

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