Monday, September 8, 2008


S: 22,700yds
B: 4h 47min
R: 2h 22min

Total: 12h 50min

After returning from the Netherlands I got a "free week" which meant working out was optional. It was nice just doing what I wanted without having to worry about hitting times or power values.

While most workouts were pretty mild, I did decide to join David for the beginning of his long run on Sunday. He is training for the Rocket City Marathon in December so he was planning on 22. I on the other hand have no such plans so I figured 1.5h would be fine with me. The only problem is that David is fast and he likes to run up to the top of Monte Sano for his long run. Unfortunately, this meant we had about 20 minutes of warm up then a nice 25 minute steady climb to the top of the mountain. So much for an easy run... Luckily though it was a nice morning and really wasnt too bad of a workout.

As for this week, its back to the grind. Looks like I have some band swimming in the pool and big gear work on the bike in store. Fun times ahead...

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