Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New shoes

I picked up some new shoes about a week ago, a pair of Nike Air Zoom Elite 4s, and so far, so good. I had previously been wearing a pair of the Nike Air Structure Triax but they were just a bit too heavy and stiff. Basically they were too much shoe for me. The Zoom Elites, on the other hand, are quite comfortable and considerably more flexible in the forefoot than the Structures. They are really more like some Structures I had circa 2004 which I was very fond of. Additionally, the shoes fit well with a snug heel and slightly wider forefoot.

They are not, however, as light or responsive as DS-Trainers but this is compensated for with a better ride. Because of this they do become a bit bulky for fast stuff and therefore I'll likely just use them for easy runs and long tempos and throw on the racing flats for any fast stuff. Overall, though, I'd recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for a shoe which provides a great ride with some support while not being too heavy.

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