Saturday, May 2, 2009

3rd? How about 5th time is a charm

Take 1: Up Friday morning at 4:30 as usual. As I'm getting dressed though I hear a slight rumble. Thinking its thunder, I head outside in an attempt to confirm but before I can make it to the door I see a flash of light. Sure enough, its storm time, which means no swimming. While I'm a bit upset, I am not too distraught over the reasonable excuse to procrastinate on the 6x400s. So I head into work with the plan to get in early, leave early, then swim and run before catching a movie at 7.

Take 2: Head to the pool after work and arrive a bit after 3:40. Although open swim doesnt start until 4:30, the kids practice from 3:30 to 6 and Brook, the swim coach, doesnt mind giving me a lane if necessary. As I walk to the door, though, I see a sign, "No one under 18 allowed." Ahh... the swine flu scare. NBD, I'll just run first then swim.

Take 3: After I nice little 40 minute jaunt I return to find the pool open for business. The guy taking money checks my ID to insure I'm not in HS before gladly taking my single day admission money. After a quick change, I'm finally out on the deck, ready to get started when... thunder. Everyone out. Looking at the radar on the TV in the office, looks like it'll be a while before the storm passes through. Even then, its 20 minutes after anyone hears thunder before anyone can get back in the pool. So I call it, as the chances of actually getting to swim this evening look bleak at best.

Take 4: Up Saturday morning for the usual Saturday morning swim except this time I still have those 400s to make up. I finish my coffee without hearing a clap of thunder or seeing a flash of light so I think I'm in the clear. On the drive to the Natatorium, although the sky is grey it is a light grey rather than the daunting dark grey which is usually associated with lightning. I get to the pool, get changed, and get warmed up. Then, its go time. Its 400: 4:44.

Wait... the title of the post is 5th time is a charm and we're only on #4. So you guessed it, after finishing 350yds of my second 400, I'm instructed I have to get out of the pool. I'm to impatient to try and "wait it out" so I head home to ride my bike in the rain, determined to get the set in later in the day.

Take 5: Arriving back at the pool at a bit before noon, this will be my last shot to beat down the set until Monday. The pool is closed Sunday and I have to be home for the cable guy from 2-4 later in the day. Luckily, the sky holds it together for about an hour and a half and I get to knock out my set. The best part was that it actually went pretty well: 4:41, 4:38, 4:36, 4:35, 4:35, 4:35.


MarkyV said...

this is an indoor pool, right?

Andrew said...

Dont get me started...

Its actually just a big aluminum frame covered in fiberglass so it is enclosed but I wouldnt exactly call it indoor. Anyway, it seems to me it shouldnt be too hard to just put a couple of lightning rods on the top of it but what do I know...

MarkyV said...

Yeah... what do you know... yer just a rocket scientist.

Hmmm Las cruces, nearly mexico doesn't have thunderstorms... and we know the godfather of the pool. bwahahahahahahaha