Thursday, May 28, 2009


Long gone are the "relaxing" 18h weeks. Here to stay, for a while anyway, are 3h training days during the week and just plain stupid weekends. Similarly, unlike only a couple of months ago when there were days I was itching to do more training, now its just a matter of dragging my sorry butt from one workout to the next, simply GingTWD and trying to stay awake as best as possible in between. Of course complaining about this to Paulo is about as effective as trying to bargain with the devil. Case in point? A recent conversation:

Paulo: feeling less tired?
me: no.
Paulo: good
I'd give you more training if you did
me: believe it or not, that 4h day yesterday didnt help...

On a more agreeable note, though, I did get some new shoes yesterday courtesy of Shawn and AVIA so once I try them out I'll get a review up.

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Unknown said...

I made the mistake of asking for a day off once and his reply was sure take tomorrow off with a 50 min run and swim! ;-) Can't argue with the race results though!