Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Checking in from STL

Last week it was PHX for shuttle issues while last weekend was Orlando for FL 70.3. This week I'm in STL for an ACE (Aerospace Chrome Elimination) team meeting at the Boeing facility here. Doesnt that sound exciting?? It was kind of cool touring the final assembly facility for the F-15 and F-18 and seeing the wings, fuelsalages, nose cones, and other parts individually and then part as a seriously BA fighter.

While traveling can certainly impede a bit on training, this is actually a pretty good week to have to go, due to the relatively light training as a result of the race last weekend. Also, the weather here has been awesome and I found a sweet pool to use. The City of Clayton Aquatic Center has a nice 8 lane, 25 yd pool that is actually kept at a reasonable temperature (I'd say 79ish). Also, they have a solid Masters group that meets there from 5:15 to 6:30, allowing plenty of time to get back to the hotel for breakfast before heading off to meetings.

In other non training news, I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight at the Sidney Street Cafe with my friend Aimee. The place is owned by fellow posse member Kevin Nashan and looking over their menu, I simply cant wait. Hopefully I'll actually remember my camera and get some pics.


Lynchmob said...

Yeah - Sidney Street is fantastic. Kevin is one of my training partners and you are going to eat at the finest restaurant in St. Louis. Get an extra basket of doughnuts ... I mean dinner rolls. Try the sea bass.

Andrew said...

Thanks... will do!