Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trainer hell

There are three things that greatly enhance trainer riding experience: A large flywheel, a large fan, and good music. Now admittedly the size of the flywheel is fixed (or at least was as soon as the trainer was purchased) and therefore the only other two variables which can be controlled are the fan and the music.

Today I went over to Craig Armstrong's place for some trainer action as I was looking forward to having some company for my workout. The company was nice. The other details were not as nice.

First off, the entertainment was Hell on Wheels the DVD which chronicles the 2003 Tour de France. The DVD itself is pretty good however it follows the German squad T-Mobile and therefore all the speaking is done in German with English subtitles... not exactly optimal for trainer riding.

The main problem though was that Craig forgot to tell me it was BYOF. Therefore, while Craig had a little fan pointed on him for some convective cooling, I was left swimming in my own sweat. On top of that I had my first extended Zn4 intervals which amplified the pain that much more. The first one hurt a lot (and was probably a little too hard) but with the PT there I couldnt slack on any of the others so each subsequent effort hurt even more. Good thing there were only 4!

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Unknown said...

HTFU! you don't need a fan for z4 intervals!