Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey arms, still there?

After another morning with the kids, my arms are shot. I'm really just thankful they are still attached. Anyway, on to the workout. I'm only posting the main set because 1. the aforementioned arm soreness seriously inhibits excessive typing and 2. it was too much to remember anyway.

Main set: 500 pull + 5x100 IM on 1:20 + 400 on 5:00 + 4x100 on 1:10 + 300 on 3:45 + 3x300 on 1:10 + 200 on 2:30 + 2x200 on 1:10 + 100 on 1:15 + 100 on 1:10

So yeah... that last 2k might as well have just been a 2k for time!


Kyle M. said...

4x100 on 1:10 is booking it; I'm pleased if I can sustain an interval of 1:20! Out of curiosity, what's your best time in the 100?

Also, when you say "the kids," who do you mean?

Andrew said...

1:20 is not bad at all! I think my best time in the 100 is 1:02 although the only time I've ever really done 100 hard has been in a practice, starting from the wall.

"The kids" refer to the members of the Huntsville Swim Association (HSA) swim team. Basically they are high schoolers on the local club team.

Kyle M. said...
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Kyle M. said...

Thanks! I can't keep up with that for more than three or four, though, and doing more than maybe two such sets is out of the question. My brother is a captain for his high school's swim team and a member of ATAC (All Tallahassee Aquatic Club), our local equivalent to your HSA, and they'll do sets of ten at about the same interval, which just baffles me.

1:02 off the wall is very impressive! Have you ever considered competing at any US Masters events? They sound like a great deal of fun to me, and given your level of training and half-IM swim times, I think you'd probably clean up! Just a thought.

Happy New Year, by the way!

Rob Jones said...

Sets like that are good for the guns. Keep up the hard work.