Monday, January 26, 2009


S: 47,200 yds
B: 7h56
R: Goose egg

Total: 20h 21min

Well the IT seems to be improving but is still not runnable. Hopefully another week off the roads but on the roller will result in continued improvement.

I had a couple really nice trainer workouts this week but the cold weather is really getting old. Hopefully this weekend will be warm but I'm not holding my breath... Saturday was particularly brutal as I as was riding into a 20 mph headwind while the ambient temp was 40F. It was just one of those time when you just have let out a big, "WTF?!?!?!" and just do what it takes to get home.

Finally, I get a little break for the upcoming week in the pool. I really mustve been swimming quite a bit as Paulo actually wants me to back off this week(!) and "only" swim 30k. Good thing too because the incessant chlorine induced itchiness is getting old!


martygaal said...

47k is a bunch! Man I have not seen a week that big since 1993.

Anonymous said...

I know how frustrating can ITBS be. Good thing is that you have two sports left to train. Hope you get well soon

Andrew said...

Marty: I think that is the point... You were logging 50-100k weeks in the pool while I was playing on the soccer fields. I have some catching up to do!