Friday, August 22, 2008


"One day I will be doing a 13-mile tempo run feeling strong and filled with energy. The very next day I will be doing close to two hours of running (split between two runs) and feel like I couldn’t take on a recreational jogger." -Ryan Hall

In what will (hopefully) become a regular installment, this week's quote of the week is courtesy of Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall. This gem was from a July 31st blog post which I just recently stumbled upon. Later in the post Hall says, "On Monday I was tired... Sara [Hall] just laughs at me in the gym on such days when I am pretty much useless." He also mentions that he took not one but two naps that day. Must've been nice. Anyway, the quote (and whole post, really) hit home as I definitely feel the same way sometimes. Its nice to know that even the super talented, full time athletes have days where it is everything they can do to just "get through the day" even though all they have to do is train.

Speaking of training, final preparations for Almere are going well. Although I've started tapering a bit I've still been a bit sluggish at the beginning of workouts. However, after warming up I've had some very solid shorter sessions the last couple of days which has me really looking forward to next weekend.

I'll try to get some information up about the race within the next couple of days, so check back for that.

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