Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long Run Fun

I had a great long run of around 16 miles this morning and actually felt pretty good afterwards as well. I ran the first 8 or so by myself and then joined David for the next 5 or 6 before finishing up the last few miles at a very solid (but still easy) pace. This makes me feel pretty good heading into the 30k run in Almere.

Awesome weather
It should be stated that while I did have a very nice run, the weather played a huge role. Unlike the last couple of weeks when my shorts were saturated after only 45 minutes, this morning when I finished my shorts were totally try. Not only was it cool, probably in the upper 60s, but it also wasnt very humid which made for quite pleasant running conditions. In fact, if were back home in Orlando, I wouldve sworn it was the middle of October.

Now its time to recover at work while getting ready for the always popular Tuesday Night World Championships!

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